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Zelensky compares Putin to Hitler and issues warning that third world war

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky strongly criticized the Kremlin.

He claims that there could be a World War III if the US does not continue to finance his country’s effort to resist Russia’s unlawful invasion of Ukraine. He also referred to Vladimir Putin as a ‘second Hitler’.

Mr Zelensky was on a TV show called 60 Minutes yesterday. He said that everyone in the world needs to decide if they want to stop Putin or not.

According to MailOnline, the United States has already given about $70 billion towards supporting the war in Ukraine.

This week, Mr Zelensky will go to the White House and Capitol Hill. He is visiting the US capital during the United Nations General Assembly.

He went to Washington in December 2022. It was his first trip outside Ukraine since Russia invaded in February last year.

Mr Zelensky said on CBS News that we all have to choose between stopping Putin or starting a world war.

We cannot alter Putin. The world no longer respects Russian society.
‘They chose him once, chose him again, and helped another person become like Hitler. ‘ They performed this task.

We cannot reverse or return to the past. But we can end it now.

We are protecting the beliefs and principles that are important to everyone in the world. And these are the people from Ukraine who are having to pay the most money.

We are putting up a real fight to gain our freedom, and it’s costing us our lives.

We are real people, not characters in a story. We are in a serious battle against a country with nuclear weapons that could harm the entire world.

What will happen in ten years if Ukraine is in trouble. Just imagine it.

‘If the Russians go to Poland, what will happen next. Will there be a Third World War. ‘

The US Congress is unsure about giving Ukraine more money. Biden wants to give an additional $13. 1 billion for military help and $8. 5 billion for helping people in need.

Some Republican politicians want to reduce spending, and a few of them want to completely stop sending money to Ukraine.

Mr Zelensky was asked if he thought the US would keep giving Ukraine the same amount of support as the $70 billion they have already sent.

He said, “The USA is giving money to Ukraine and I appreciate it. ”

I feel like they are not only helping Ukraine. If Ukraine is defeated, Putin will probably advance even more.

What will America do when Putin gets to the Baltic countries. What about when he gets to the border of Poland.

‘This is a large amount of money. ‘ We are very thankful. What more does Ukraine need to do for everyone to understand how thankful we are. We are suffering greatly in this war.
When Mr Zelensky was asked how much more money Ukraine would need, he couldn’t say exactly how much.

I do not know the answer. I believe he will keep on making threats,” he said.

He is waiting for the United States to become more calm and steady. He believes that it will occur during the US election.

He will be searching for situations of uncertainty in Europe and the United States of America. He will use the danger of using nuclear weapons to make the situation more unstable. He will continue to intimidate.

But when someone asked if he would be willing to give up any part of Ukraine for peace, including Crimea, Mr Zelensky answered with a simple “no. ”

He said, “This belongs to us. ” A week ago, I gave medals to the parents of soldiers who had died. There were 24 groups of people whose family members had died.

There was a woman who had three kids, and there were parents who were very old and had trouble walking. The older parents only had one son.

One of the women was having a baby, she was holding the baby, and that baby will never see their dad.

“What should I say to them. That everyone died just so we could tell Russia that it’s okay to take everything. ”

“It’s tough to give awards to people whose faces clearly show that their entire world has fallen apart. ”

I can only offer them success.

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