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Yul Edochie reveals reason for marrying his second wife

Nollywood actor and politician, Yul Edochie, has disclosed the reason behind his decision to enter into a second marriage.

In a video lasting nine minutes, titled “Why I Chose to Marry a Second Wife,” Yul explained that he married a second wife because he couldn’t bear to let her go after she had made such a profound impact on his life.

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Confirming his belief that a man can love two women, Yul shared his perspective on Instagram, stating,

“At this juncture in my life, I believe it is possible for a man to love two women because each woman can bring unique contributions to a man’s life.

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“Some may argue, as a married man, why would you allow another woman into your life? I admit it was a mistake, and I take responsibility for that.

“These things occur. Let’s be honest. It happened to me. I realized I couldn’t just allow this amazing woman to exit my life.”

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Yul Edochie went on to clarify that he decided to maintain both relationships because each woman fulfills distinct roles in his life and complements one another exceptionally well.

“These are remarkable women in their own right, each bringing distinct attributes to the table. Loving two women is a possibility. A man can genuinely love two women at the same time. I used to think it wasn’t feasible, but now I understand that it is indeed possible.”

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