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Woman who killed Beyoncé’s cousin sentenced to 55 years

A woman has been found guilty of murdering rapper Kardone, who was Beyoncé’s cousin.

The trial of rapper Sasha Skare, aged 24, commenced on August 28 and concluded on August 31, resulting in a conviction by the jury.

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She is set to receive a 55-year prison sentence, with the sentencing scheduled for September 1. Upon hearing the verdict, Skare remained emotionless.

The case revolved around the killing that occurred on January 26, 2021, where Skare was accused of shooting the victim through his door.

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Surveillance footage depicted Skare in the victim’s hallway, holding a gun in one hand and a cell phone in the other.

Martell Derouen, known by his stage name Kardone, hailed from San Antonio and shared a family connection with Beyonce through their grandmother. Tragically, Kardone lost his life at the age of 34 when he was shot in the upscale La Cantera apartments.

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A nearby resident had heard a woman aggressively knocking on his door, sensing that a tense situation was unfolding.

However, they chose to retreat indoors to avoid getting involved. In hindsight, the neighbor lamented that a different decision might have potentially saved Kardone’s life.

Leading up to the trial, Sasha Skare turned down a plea bargain that would have resulted in a 20-year prison sentence. As a result, she now faces the maximum penalty, which could potentially lead to a life sentence behind bars.

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