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“We have vibrators, no need for men!’ – Podcast panelist dishes on modern women’s choices

For their candidness, they found themselves featured on the Honest Bunch podcast. However, their honesty has now become the subject of criticism from some individuals who believe that a man offers more than just sexual intercourse.

A preview of Honest Bunch’s latest podcast, which aired on Monday, explores the use of a sex toy—specifically, a vibrator. The women who shared their perspectives expressed a preference for a sex toy over a man’s reproductive organ.

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The first woman highlighted that, in her entire sexual experience, she has yet to come across a man who provides the same level of sexual satisfaction as a vibrator.

“What a vibrator can do, I don’t know one man that can do it. That is a fact. You see that reading, that consistency a vibrator has, no man wiggle his tongue consistently like that till you c@m.”

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She expressed her dissatisfaction with how men sometimes fail to get it right when they are about to reach orgasm.

“Sometimes when you are doing it with a man, he is getting the rhythm, then you are about to c@m, then it changes. Then I’m like oh my goodness,” she bemoaned.

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Another lady admitted that once a woman comes into contact with a vibrator, she comes to the realisation that a man’s effort amounts to zilch.

“If your partner is giving you normal one and you have been taking it for years, then vibrator just comes and (shakes you up) (and your legs begin to shake) and take you there in 3 seconds, what are you doing with man again?” she said.

Their statements have garnered several reactions, which are generally opposing theirs.

One Mazintundeednut spoke against identifying man merely as a sexual object.

Another netizen who decided to light things up a bit said “tell your vibrator what you want for Christmas”.

About the Honest Bunch

The Honest Bunch is an audio-visual podcast that focuses on discussing real millennial and Gen Z issues with no holds barred. There are 4 main personalities on the show – Nedu, Husband Material, Deity Cole, and Naomi.

The cast members bring their unique individual personalities and wit to the show.

Occasionally, a guest is brought on to share opinions on topics tailored to their experiences, interests, or personalities.

At the Honest Bunch, we are telling original Nigerian realities from the lens of the youth. The show is stupendously funny, inconceivably revealing, somewhat shocking, and yet unequivocally informative.

The Vibrator

Per reports, in the 19th Century, doctors first used vibrators to treat women for ‘hysteria’ – a now-defunct medical term that covered everything from headaches to nervous breakdowns.

The treatment was to give the women an orgasm. Using a vibrator saved these doctors the arduous task of doing it by hand.

This can be traced back to a book called The Technology of Orgasm: “Hysteria,” the Vibrator, and Women’s Sexual Satisfaction. Published in 1999, it was written by the historian of technology Rachel Maines, now a visiting researcher at Cornell University in the US.

Although vibrators can enhance sexual pleasure by providing focused and intense stimulation, leading to more satisfying experiences, overuse or reliance on vibrators may lead to desensitization, where the body becomes less responsive to other forms of stimulation.

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