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Wanlov the Kubolor cautions Ghana Armed Forces amid Niger coup

Ghanaian musician, Wanlov the Kubolor, has relayed some messages to the Ghana Armed Forces.

The musician has warned against taking part in the coup that is currently taking place in Niger and expressed concern about the possibility of the conytry’s army being called upon to restore order there.

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According to Wanlov, the Nigeriens had a reason for overthrowing their ex-president, stating that the overthrown president was corrupt and was giving out the country’s resources to the Europeans.

He added that if chaos results from this coup, “blacks” will not profit in any way from it.

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In a post shared on his Twitter page, Wanlov said:

“I have a message to the Ghana Army. I hope you’re all doing well. I am begging you, people, not to risk your lives to go fight other fellow black people in Niger because when you do that, you are going to fight for Macron, you are going to fight for white people and what white people need from Niger”.

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“The fact is that the government of Niger is corrupt, they give all their resources to Europe and that is why the Nigeriens got angry and overthrew the president”.

He went on to say that if “Black” troops were sent to fight in Niger, they should be prepared for the possibility of killing one another.

“What you guys are going to do now is that you are going to carry a corrupt person and put him back in charge. Nobody in Niger will welcome you guys. All Nigeriens are against that president. So, this is not a small issue you guys are going to engage yourself in. At the same time, you’re risking your life, you are going to meet fellow Ghanaians, fellow Nigerians, and fellow Africans, and fight them to put in a puppet who belongs to Europe and does their bidding. I beg you guys”, Wanluv the Kubolor said.

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