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US Missionary in police grips for attempting to kill pregnant lover

US missionary, Lucas Richards has been apprehended on charges of attempting to murder his pregnant Liberian girlfriend, Jessica Lloyd.

Richards, who arrived for missionary work, impregnated Lloyd despite having a wife in the USA.

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He allegedly tried to harm her by slashing her throat and injecting her with substances in an attempt to induce a miscarriage.

Richards’ church, Creekside Church, offered this message on its Facebook page, saying, “Please pray for Creekside-supported missionaries Lucas and Lois Richard.

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Lucas was attacked and robbed in Liberia today. His phone and money were stolen and their vehicle damaged. Will add more details as we learn them.”

Richards, however, denied the allegations, saying, “Jessica was hit by a moving vehicle after she disembarked from my vehicle. While trying to rescue her I was attacked by angry motorcyclists who accused me of attempting to kill her.”

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Jessica’s mother, Cynthia Lloyd, claims that the incident took place a few weeks after Jessica became pregnant for Richards, who is said to have ended the pregnancy by injecting Jessica.

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