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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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Ukraine mentioned briefly but forcefully in Biden’s address

Since President Zelensky of Ukraine was present in the room, Joe Biden didn’t talk much about Ukraine in his speech. But he spoke honestly and confidently.

In simpler terms, he said that the US will continue to strongly support because it’s important to defend basic principles like sovereignty, territorial integrity, and human rights. He said that if Russia can harm Ukraine, then no country can feel safe. The group from Ukraine was paying close attention and showed their approval by clapping.

President Biden made a commitment that the United States will keep supporting and protecting freedom. He needs to convince the American people and his fellow Republicans that spending billions of dollars to support Ukraine’s defense is worthwhile.

Biden wanted to show how he thinks the US can lead in fighting climate change, poverty, and Ukraine. Discussing new collaborations in the regions of Indo-Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East. Claiming to be a leader in addressing all the major global issues.

Today’s speech was a request for every country to follow the basic ideas that the United Nations was built upon. And a reason for them to keep thinking of America as the main country that protects its own independence, promotes peace, and helps people thrive.

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