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Ukraine destroys another Russian ship in the Black Sea using ‘sea baby’ drone

A drone from Ukraine called ‘Sea Baby‘ hit and damaged a Russian missile hovercraft. This means that four Russian vessels commanded by Putin have been hit in the Black Sea within three days.

The Samum, which is a type of hovercraft called Bora-class, had to be pulled into the Sevastopol harbor after getting hit.

A photo of the ship at the dock seems to show that it has hidden damage on its right side.

According to the Ukrainian SBU intelligence service, the hovercraft was pulled while its back end was raised and tilted to the right side.

The ‘Sea Baby’ is a new Ukrainian-made underwater robot that can work even during a strong storm.

It was used to attack the bridge that connects Russia to the occupied Black Sea peninsula.

The Samum was attacked near the entrance of Sevastopol harbor in Crimea.

The Russians confessed that they launched an attack but claimed that they were able to fight off the attack successfully.

In a recent attack, the Ukrainian military targeted the Rostov-on-Don submarine with a Storm Shadow missile and drone strike. This attack caused significant damage to the submarine, making it unable to function properly. The incident took place at the Sevastopol shipyard.

According to reports from Russian media, an experimental underwater drone called Sea Baby collided with Russia’s Samum hovercraft. This is a picture of a hovercraft called Samum that was supposedly attacked.
The Samum, which is a type of hovercraft called Bora-class, had to be pulled by another boat into the Sevastopol harbor after being damaged.

The Russian warship Minsk was also badly damaged in the same place where ships are fixed.

Some people from Ukraine say that Russia has hidden the fact that 24 people died in the attack.

A kamikaze sea drone attacked and damaged the Vasily Bykov patrol ship, causing more trouble for dictator Vladimir Putin.

A video capturing the attack is available.

Putin also had a $1. 2 billion air defense system called Triumf that was destroyed in an attack on Crimea using a drone and Neptune missile.

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