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UK police search largest park in London over escaped terrorist suspect

Police in London are searching the city’s biggest park for a runaway suspect who escaped from jail by attaching himself to the bottom of a truck.

The police are looking for something in Richmond Park, which is in southwest London. This is because they saw the van that Daniel Khalife used to leave Wandsworth prison nearby.

Khalife, pretending to be a chef, planned and carried out a daring escape from Wandsworth prison on Wednesday morning. According to the UK’s PA Media news agency, a 21-year-old person who is currently in the British military is waiting for a trial on terror charges. They are accused of putting fake bombs at a military base.

A spokesperson from the Met Police said that the police activity in Richmond Park is connected to the search for Daniel Khalife when asked by the media.

There were a lot of police officers in the park all night and into Friday morning.

Richmond Park is the biggest of London’s Royal Parks. It is also called a National Nature Reserve. The park covers an area of 2,500 acres. This park is loved by families and people who want to get away from the city. It is well-known for having lots of deer living there.

The Metropolitan Police announced on Friday that they are investigating whether someone from Wandsworth prison assisted Khalife in his escape.

Mark Rowley, the head of the Metropolitan Police, said on a radio station called LBC that the escape from prison was clearly planned in advance.

“He mentioned that there are obviously some things to consider when strapping himself to the bottom of the wagon. The police will examine everything as part of their investigation. ”

Rowley said he was very worried that Khalife, who is accused of terror and Official Secrets Act crimes, is free and asked people in southwestern London to report any sightings of him.

On Thursday, the British government promised to find Khalife. This happened on the second day of the search.

On Thursday, the police explained step by step how Khalife managed to escape.

The soldier was reported as missing at 7:50 a. m, according to what they said. The police got a call 25 minutes later, and they found the delivery van at 8:37 a. mJust two miles to the east of the prison, located on a street in Putney, which can be found in southwest London.

At that time, Khalife had left and the only thing left from his escape was the strong belts found under the van.

British Justice Secretary Alex Chalk announced that the government will start a separate inquiry into the event. Speaking to the UK parliament on Thursday, Chalk mentioned that he had already requested an internal investigation regarding the choice to transfer Khalife to a less secure prison.

Opposition Members of Parliament in Britain criticized the ruling Conservative government after a prison escape. They accused ministers of causing serious problems for the judicial system because of years of financial cutbacks.

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