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Trolls hurt me, but it doesn’t affect my life – Mawuli Gavor

Ghanaian actor Mawuli Gavor has asserted that the criticisms he faces on social media do not impact his personal life or influence his decisions. He emphasized his unwavering commitment to his acting career and stated that people’s opinions about him do not sway his life choices.

While acknowledging that some of the negative comments on social media can be hurtful, Mawuli Gavor made it clear that he remains steadfast in his decisions and doesn’t alter them to conform to public opinion. In an interview with Joyprime TV on the CelebBiz program, he expressed these sentiments.

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“So it’s not like some things won’t affect you, I won’t lie. When you see there are times where I’ve trended all over Africa and people saying all sorts of different things. I think your time in Nigeria, though, some stories multiple for all sorts of I’m sitting in my corner somewhere and people told me, Bro, you’re trending and what the hell is happening?

“But what you learn is that, like I said, it’s not up to you. Of course, some things go choke you small. But I’m not going to lie and say it doesn’t get to me. What I do say is it’s not going to affect my life in one way or the other.”

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The actor further conceded that social media insults hurt him sometimes, but he does not allow them to affect his life in any shape or form.

“There’s going to be somebody sitting in Kasoa or in Lagos who is saying all sorts of things but there is no problem with that. It’s all good as long as you’re not paying my bills, as long as you’re not affecting my life in any particular way, I think you should be allowed to do that.

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“Yes, it [social media trolls] might hurt me, but it’s not really going to affect my life in any way, shape or form. So I wouldn’t say I’m not moved, but I acknowledge that it’s irrelevant to my real life. Social media is not real life. So as long as I can go back to my family and hug my daughter and kiss her, I’m fine,” he said.

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