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This is a big win for me – Camidoh reacts to his BET nomination

Ghanaian Afrobeats artist, Camidoh, has expressed his delight after being nominated for the prestigious BET Viewer’s Choice: Best New International Act award for 2023.

Among a carefully selected group of exceptional global musicians, including Asake from Nigeria, Flo from the UK, Libianca from Cameroon, Maureen from France, Mc Ryan SP from Brazil, Pabi Cooper from South Africa, Raye from the UK, and Werenoi from France, Camidoh finds himself in illustrious company.

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During an interview on TV3 New Day, Camidoh shared his disbelief and the overwhelming emotions that followed the nomination. He stated, “I am still really in shock because I don’t even know what to say. Yesterday, I had to take time to really process it because it’s really like one big blessing. This was not something I was looking out for, do you understand? I mean, I am just grateful.”

The singer admitted that the nomination came as a complete surprise, as it was not a goal he actively pursued. Nonetheless, he recognized its significance and viewed it as a valuable lesson in his artistic journey.

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Camidoh expressed deep gratitude for the opportunity to be acknowledged on such a prestigious platform.

When questioned about the factors contributing to his success, Camidoh attributed it to his team’s strategic marketing plan and their unwavering dedication to reaching a global audience.

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He emphasized their commitment to delivering captivating performances during international shows, aiming to leave a lasting impression on audiences in every country they visit. These tireless efforts, he believes, played a pivotal role in propelling his career to this remarkable point.

Reflecting on his journey, Camidoh shared, “To answer your question, I think it depends on your goal and based on your marketing plan. It’s just us doing shows across the globe, and when we go into a country, we do the most to ensure that everyone hears of the brand and it cements on the end before you leave. I think these were the very small things that we were doing that brought us here.”

As anticipation continues to build, fans and well-wishers are urged to rally behind Camidoh and cast their votes, contributing to his path toward potentially securing the coveted honor at the BET Awards. The prestigious event is scheduled to take place at the Microsoft Theater on Sunday, June 25.

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