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Things you should avoid by your bedside while sleeping

  1. Electronic Devices: Keeping smartphones, tablets, or laptops by your bedside can disrupt your sleep with notifications, screen light, and the temptation to browse before sleep.
  2. Work-Related Materials: Avoid work-related documents, laptops, or anything that reminds you of work. It can make it harder to relax and fall asleep.
  3. Food and Drinks: Eating in bed can lead to crumbs, attract pests, and create a mess. Avoid leaving food or drinks on your nightstand.
  4. Medications: While it’s common to keep essential medications by your bedside, avoid storing a large quantity or non-essential medications there.
  5. Clutter: Excess clutter can create a chaotic and stressful atmosphere. Keep your bedroom and nightstand tidy and organized.
  6. Candles: Leaving lit candles unattended is a fire hazard. Extinguish candles before sleep.
  7. Pets: While many people allow their pets to sleep with them, it can disrupt your sleep. Consider creating a separate sleeping space for your pet.
  8. Overhead Lights: Bright ceiling lights are not conducive to sleep. Opt for soft, dim lighting in your bedroom.
  9. Large Mirrors: Large mirrors facing your bed can be unsettling for some people. Consider repositioning or covering the mirror.
  10. Negative Memories: Avoid keeping items that remind you of negative experiences or people. Your bedroom should be a place of comfort and relaxation.
  11. Workouts: Storing exercise equipment in your bedroom can be a visual reminder of the workout you haven’t done. Keep exercise equipment in a dedicated space.
  12. Valuables: Valuables like jewelry and expensive items should be stored securely, not on your nightstand where they can be easily accessed by intruders.
  13. Plants: While some people enjoy having plants in their bedrooms, be cautious of any plants that may attract pests or have sharp leaves.

Remember that your bedroom should be a peaceful, clutter-free space conducive to rest and relaxation. Adjust your bedroom setup to create a soothing environment that promotes quality sleep.

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