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There is no reason for Britain to rejoin EU – Keir Starmer

Sir Keir Starmer has said that he does not believe there is a reason to rejoin the European Union. The government criticized him for wanting to undo Brexit.

The Conservative party is using comments made by the leader of the Labour party against him. The Labour leader said that his party does not want to differ from the rules of the bloc.

Sir Keir said that if Labour is in power, the UK will not passively accept rules set by others.

However, he mentioned that this does not imply that there will be a decrease in the requirements for food quality and the rights of workers.

On Saturday, Sir Keir spoke to a group of moderate leaders in Canada and said, “The main problem with the UK being outside of the EU is that they want to do things differently from our EU partners, which causes conflict. ”

“We don’t want to go in different directions, we don’t want to decrease expectations, we don’t want to get rid of rules for protecting the environment, rules for how people are treated at work, rules for food quality, and everything else. ”

We couldn’t tell from the comments if he was referring to the differences in those particular areas only or overall.

His comments were broadcasted live, but first shared by Sky News on Thursday. This led to allegations from Conservative ministers that Sir Keir was altering his position on Brexit.

Michael Gove, who is in charge of housing, said that these actions showed who Keir Starmer truly is and that he wants to bring back the difficulties we faced during the Brexit process.

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly stated that it demonstrated that the leader of the Labour Party wants to essentially rejoin the European Union.

A representative from the Labour party disagreed with this and said that the UK will not rejoin the EU in any way. They suggested that Sir Keir only meant his comments about food, environmental, and labor regulations.

When asked about the Tory criticism of what he said during his visit to the London Stock Exchange, Sir Keir told reporters: “I have said many times before that there is no reason to rejoin the EU, which includes both the single market and the customs union. ”

Countries in the EU single market have a lot of similar rules and standards, while countries in the customs union follow the same customs regulations.

MrKeir said: “We won’t accept rules blindly. We will make our own decisions. ” The Parliament will create rules and laws for this country based on what is best for the nation.

However, it doesn’t mean that a Labour government intends to decrease the quality of food or diminish people’s rights at work.

He said it was not unexpected and that Labour has always had the same view on this for many years.

“He also mentioned that this is the government’s policy. ”

Sir Keir, who used to support staying in the EU, tried to convince others to have another vote on whether to leave the EU or not. He did this while being a member of the Labour Party and being in charge of dealing with Brexit during Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. However, his campaign was not successful.

Since becoming the leader of the Labour Party, he has been eager to regain the support of people who voted for Brexit. He has been unwilling to talk about the idea of forming stronger connections with the European Union.

However, he has recently expressed doubts about the connection a future Labour government could have with the bloc, stating that his party would strive for a “significantly improved” Brexit trade agreement.

He said the agreement, which Boris Johnson had negotiated and would be reviewed in 2025, was “not good enough” and that he would make it better, but he didn’t explain how.

Labour says it would talk about a new agreement on the movement of animal products, and recently said it wanted a new deal with the EU to stop people crossing the English Channel.

Sir Ed Davey, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, has also stated that joining the EU again is not currently being considered.

The party, which strongly opposed Brexit four years ago, now wants to concentrate on issues within the country. They are trying to win over voters who supported leaving the EU, as well as those who wanted to remain.

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