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The Ugandan village where humans ‘reportedly’ ate humans

For many, stories like these may seem like tales told in movies and other fictional pieces of work, but somewhere in Uganda, Ghanaian YouTuber Wode Maya has discovered a community where people purportedly ate humans. 

In a Ugandan community called Rakai, one Asifa (a man) is alleged to have eaten human flesh. 

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Recounting the events to Wode Maya and his team, a native of the community Namazi  (not his real name) narrated the ordeal of Asifa, who was accused of cannibalism. Namazi  said what started as a mere rumour resulted in the arrest and subsequent persecution of Asifa.

“There were just speculations about cannibals. The reason as to why they were just speculations is because we had never seen a single piece of human flesh but what we saw was what happened but not the exact event of eating human flesh,” he said, but one day they were shocked to the core when they heeded to such reports.

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“We were close, up the hill digging only to hear stories that Asifa has eaten human flesh only to reach there. All we found was human hair and human blood but no clothes with hair and blood in our sight. At that point it was nothing but commotion all over. Police and people raided the whole place . A man came claiming that these people had eaten his relative,” he added. 

Asifa was subsequently arrested.

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“He [Asifa] is tied with ropes in that very minute, his fellows summoned. Upon gathering people people started rioting and destroying the man’s coffee. Gunshots were heard – you know how the police handle situations. Upon handling the situation, everyone departed the scene. Days later, [the next day] Asaki came in to disclose his fellows; he was like ‘you people I was working with Bosco. Bosco’s children were brought. They had arrested them (Asifa, Bosco and co.) for eating people,” he said.

Video credit: Wode Maya

Despite the several claims and personal confessions from Asifa and his fellows, the natives were still skeptical about the whole story since there was still no substantial evidence regarding the claims. 

“We were not sure if he eats people because we never saw any kinds of flesh, be it for frogs or snakes. We saw nothing but after a while when Asafu was brought, he narrates his story. Bosco and his sons are released from prison, revealing the exact clothes that they had worn during the practices with blood on them. We didn’t know if they had just slaughtered a rabbit, goat or cow. We never knew if it was their sheep. They also brought forward their pangas and everything was taken. They left and ever since they’ve never returned to the village. We are not sure if they ate people because we never saw any pieces of human flesh,” he said. 

Reports of ‘men feasting on their fellow men’ in Uganda were rife in 2014. It was reported that a woman and a child were consumed by residents in Rakai, a town in central Uganda.

Apparently, all these events to date cannot be substantiated with any evidence, according to natives of Rakai. 

A victim of the ‘cannibalism accusations,’ now an outcast of his community also recounted his ordeal of how he was accused, arrested and subsequently rejected by all after the accusations.

He appears to be the relative of another accused person. 

Akello (not his real name), once a rich man has become a pauper following the series of events regarding allegations of him being a cannibal. According to him, the accusations came after he was prompted of the demise of his brother who died in prison, and (he, Akello) was going to pick up his corpse from the police.

“The Masaka police officers told me to pick up the motorcycle of the deceased. Three or four days after the burial, I drove to pick up my brother’s motorcycle in my own car. When I got Kibale, OCID told me that the motorcycle was involved in transportation of human flesh and they decided to investigate the matter and that’s how I remained in custody, taken to Rakai in Handcuffs and that’s how the accusation of being  a cannibal came about, but I’m not a cannibal” he recounted. 

He said he lost all his properties, including his cars, cattle, and even his wives were married off to other people after his incarceration. 

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