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The reason ewes are called number 9

This tradition has deep historical roots and is linked to two significant narratives that have played a crucial role in shaping the identity of the Ewe community.

Firstly, during the colonial era, when the British were delineating administrative regions in Ghana, they designated the Volta Region, the ancestral home of the Ewe people, as the ninth administrative region. This historical alignment between the Ewe people and the number nine forged a connection that has persisted through generations.

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Secondly, in the early years following Ghana’s independence, a momentous event occurred that further cemented the association between the Ewe people and the number nine. Ghana hosted its inaugural beauty pageant, a celebration of Ghanaian culture and elegance.

At the heart of this event was a contestant hailing from the Volta Region, Monica Ablah Amekoafia, who proudly displayed the number nine on her wrist. Monica’s charm and grace captivated both the judges and the audience, leading her to a resounding victory in the pageant.

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According to ghgossip, her triumphant display of the number nine to the jubilant crowd etched her name into Ghanaian history. The fusion of Monica’s victory and the colonial-era regional demarcation has merged over time, firmly embedding the moniker “Number 9” within the core of the Ewe community’s identity.

It stands as a poignant reminder of their rich cultural heritage, unwavering resilience, and significant contributions to Ghana’s diverse cultural landscape. Today, when the term “Number 9” is heard in Ghana, it transcends mere numerical significance; it embodies a symbol of pride, unity, and a shared historical journey.

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The Ewe people continue to uphold their cherished cultural traditions, and this distinctive nickname serves as a testament to the enduring bonds between Ghana’s past and its vibrant present. It serves as a reminder that history, culture, and identity often intertwine in unexpected and enriching ways, weaving a vibrant tapestry that enhances the nation’s cultural mosaic.

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