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Spend on your girlfriend only on her birthday – Akrobeto advises men

Recently, social media was abuzz with discussions sparked by renowned Ghanaian media personality and marriage counselor, Akumaa Mama Zimbi’s advice to men regarding spending on their girlfriends.

She suggested that men should reserve substantial spending for their girlfriends for special occasions like birthdays.

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Adding to this perspective, Akwasi Boadi, popularly known as Akrobeto, a comedian and TV host, reiterated and shared his stance on this matter.

He highlighted a prevalent issue where some individuals, upon entering a relationship, unreasonably demand money and expect their partners to cover various expenses.

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In alignment with Akumaa Mama Zimbi’s viewpoint, Akrobeto emphasized that constantly buying things for one’s girlfriend is unnecessary.

He stressed that financial burdens, especially those unrelated to the relationship, should not be placed upon a partner solely based on the relationship.

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Sharing a personal experience, Akrobeto revealed an incident where his girlfriend asked for money to cover her mother’s hospital bills, including a required blood transfusion.

Perplexed, he asked to speak with a doctor to understand the situation better.

However, she insisted on payment before providing more information. Akrobeto humorously expressed his surprise, emphasizing that he’s neither a doctor nor a medicine seller.

Recalling the conversation, Akrobeto conveyed his astonishment as the girlfriend only had GHC100 and needed an additional GHC100 to meet the hospital expenses.

Despite his ability to help, he found the situation concerning, prompting him to reflect on the dynamics of such requests within relationships.

Ultimately, he highlighted the importance of financial responsibility and the need for equitable sharing of responsibilities in a relationship.

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