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Sometimes I don’t have money to pay for even trotro – Ama Governor

Ghanaian YouTuber Elorm Ababio, widely recognized as Ama Governor, has expressed her exasperation regarding the struggling economy and the resulting hardships faced by ordinary Ghanaian citizens.

Joining the group of protestors on day 3 of #OccupyJulorbihouse demonstration in Accra on September 23, 2023, she detailed the hardship she faces despite having 3 jobs.

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She explained that she teaches as a swimming instructor,works as a social media influencer, works on her YouTube career, and practicing law.

“I have four different sources of income, and I take the trotro everyday because I can’t afford anything. Detailing the number of times she eats in a day, she said ” I eat 0-1-0 or 0-0-1 , do you know what that means? Not eating breakfast, not eating lunch, and just supper”.

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Emphasizing her struggles with taking public transport, she said “I even struggle to take the trotro, sometimes”

Ama Governor, who had previously faced denial of access to the bar due to a filed petition against her, revealed that she has ultimately triumphed in the case and is now scheduled to be admitted to the bar in October 2023.

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However, in a surprising turn of events, a recent report from the Ghana Bar Association (GBA) representative on the General Legal Council confirmed that Ama Governor has been granted permission to finalize the application procedures for her call to the bar during the October/November 2023 sessions.

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