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Shatta Wale, Medikal to lift up prayers for Ghana’s music industry

Ghanaian musicians, Shatta Wale and Medikal have designated a special day for offering prayers to uplift Ghana’s music industry as part of their upcoming Freedom Wave Festival scheduled to take place from 20th to 25th December 2023.

As indicated on the event’s promotional flyer, on December 23, 2023, both artists, along with their devoted fans, will join together in prayer at the Accra Sports Stadium to seek blessings for the music industry.

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In addition to this spiritual gathering, the 5-day festival will feature various exciting activities, such as the arrival of regional fan bases, an exhibition showcasing Shatta Movement merchandise, a pre-concert featuring emerging artists, a dress rehearsal for the performers, and the grand main concert itself.

This year’s event, formerly known as the Freedom Wave Concert, has been elevated to the status of a festival, incorporating a range of new activities and extending the celebration to four additional days.

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Shatta Wale and Medikal initially launched the Freedom Wave Concert in 2021, following their legal entanglements that led to their incarceration.

They continued this successful venture with a second edition in 2022, where they received acclaim from the 40,000-strong audience for filling the stadium to capacity.

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These two artists have consistently shown unwavering support for each other over the past few years, collaborating on various projects, including their joint album, ‘Cross Roads.’

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