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Serial child killer Lucy Letby sends ‘fan mail’ after being incarcerated

People are sending letters of appreciation and admiration to Lucy Letby, who was a nurse that killed many children and has become the most famous child killer in recent British history.

Letby, who is 33 years old, has been found guilty of killing seven newborn babies and trying to murder six others. She will now spend the rest of her life in prison.

Now, some people in a Facebook group who think the neonatal nurse is not guilty are planning to send letters to the prison where she is being kept.

According to the Daily Mirror, someone in the Nurse Lucy Letby Group sent a letter to Lucy.

The person who wrote before said that they called HMP Low Newton, which is a jail in County Durham where Letby is being kept, to ask how they could get in touch with a prisoner.

Another person in the group said, “Please tell us if she answers. ” I might write as well.
Someone else wrote in a different post: ‘I will let her know in a letter that I feel really sorry for all the bad things that happened to her and her parents. I am also praying for them every day. ‘

In a different message about how to reach Lebty, someone else said: “I have always believed that Lucy Letby is not guilty. ”

‘I’m very happy that people have been trying to talk to her. ‘

The people in the group are separated based on the outcome of the trial. Some people are questioning the jurors, the evidence used in the case (which includes things like medical records, texts, diaries, and handwritten notes), and the continuing media coverage.

Some people think Letby is simply someone who kills children.

“Are you guys serious. Why would you send a letter to someone who caused the death of seven babies. ” an individual asked.

Another person suggested writing a letter to a murderer who specifically targets children.

“Wow, are there already people who admire serial killers. ” commented another person on Facebook.

In a very disturbing and shocking case that affected the whole country, a trial lasting 10 months took place at Manchester Crown Court. During the trial, it was revealed how Letby committed multiple murders and attempted killings from June 2015 to June 2016.

Letby worked as a nurse in a special hospital in England. She took care of babies who were born too early or were not strong enough.

Jurors heard that Letby intentionally hurt newborns by giving them too much milk and injecting them with air and insulin.

According to prosecutors, some victims displayed signs of injuries caused by strong impacts.

In a note that Letby wrote by hand and which the police got, she said: ‘I intentionally caused their deaths because I feel inadequate in taking care of them. ‘

A prosecutor named Pascale Jones said in court that she used her knowledge in a bad way to cause harm, sadness, and death.

‘She deeply hurt the people who trusted her by betraying them with her actions. ‘

The jury could not decide if she was guilty of six charges for trying to kill someone, and they said she was not guilty of two charges for attempting murder.

Letby, who said she did not do anything wrong during the trial and wants to challenge the verdict, may have caused the death of three additional babies and attempted to harm another 15 babies, according to a doctor who testified in court.

The police are checking the records of about 4,000 babies who were in the hospitals where Letby worked as a nurse for five years.

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