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Sarkodie apologizes for missing Detroit show due to Delta Airlines’ emergency

Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie has sincerely apologized to his Detroit fans for not showing up at his much-awaited show.

He explained that the problem came up because a Delta Airlines flight had to make an emergency landing on an island in Portugal. This made things tough for Sarkodie and everyone else on the plane.

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Sarkodie in a tweet expressed understanding, saying, “So I missed my event in Detroit due to @Delta doing an emergency landing on an island in Portugal yesterday. It was unfortunate, but I know these things happen, so I wasn’t tripping.” However, he did voice his disappointment in Delta’s communication during the ordeal, highlighting that they failed to provide updates on the situation.

The rapper explained that he and other passengers had to wait at the airport for a painful six hours. They noticed that Delta Airlines had recurring problems with flights from Africa. Sarkodie criticized Delta for using what he called “old and weak planes” to pick up passengers. He thought these planes weren’t safe enough for long trips.

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Things got scarier when they found out the flight almost landed in the ocean. Sarkodie was relieved they safely landed on the island, but Delta didn’t offer any compensation for the trouble. Passengers were stuck without their belongings still on the island.

Sarkodie, in his Twitter post, showed restraint in his critique of Delta, stating, “Moving forward, I wouldn’t want to tarnish a business, but hopefully, they see to this problem and resolve it.” He concluded his tweet by extending a heartfelt apology to his fans in Detroit, assuring them that efforts were underway to make amends for the missed event.

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See his tweet below.

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