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Russian missile fired UK-flagged civilian cargo ship – UK

The UK says that Russia attacked a civilian cargo ship with many cruise missiles while it was in the Ukrainian port of Odesa last month.

The attack happened on 24 August but was stopped by Ukraine’s air defenses, according to the UK’s foreign office.

The ship from Liberia was attacked by missiles shot from a Russian carrier, it said.

In July, Russia said that ships going to Ukraine’s ports through the Black Sea could be attacked by the military.

The warning came after Moscow backed out of an important grain agreement supported by the United Nations. This agreement allowed civilian cargo ships to export Ukrainian grain through the Black Sea.

President Vladimir Putin was upset because there were too many rules and limits on his country’s farm products.

Moscow wanted a big Russian bank to join a worldwide payments system, restrictions to be removed on Russian fertilizer companies, and for its ships to have complete access to insurance and foreign ports.

What was the Ukraine grain deal about.

It started attacking ports in southern Ukraine not long after it withdrew from the deal, even though it promised not to do such attacks in the agreement.

On Monday, the UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak spoke to parliament and said that the failed attack on the grain ship only showed how desperate Putin is.

Mr Sunak said that Ukraine has the legal right to sell their goods to other countries using the oceans, and they also have a moral right to transport and sell grain that helps in feeding people all over the world.

Russia has not said anything about the attack yet.

Recently, Moscow has been focusing more on damaging ports in Ukraine after they withdrew from the grain agreement. Kyiv said that someone has made a sneaky plan to hurt its grain exports and weaken global food safety.

The Foreign Office said that Russia destroyed 280,000 tonnes of grain after leaving the deal. They accused Russia of using food and trade to harm the rest of the world.

Officials also said that Russian attacks have caused damage to 26 port infrastructure facilities in Odesa, Chornomorsk, and Reni since July.

In July, officials from Kenya said that Russia’s decision to withdraw from the deal was a betrayal to countries suffering from drought.

Korir Sing’Oei, a high-ranking official in Kenya’s foreign affairs ministry, said that if there is an increase in the amount of food available worldwide due to this action, it will affect the countries in the Horn of Africa more than other places because they are already suffering from drought.

President Vladimir Putin has promised to give free grain to six African countries that have shown support for Russia at international meetings.

The foreign office said that the Russian strikes destroyed more grain than they promised to give to African countries. This grain could have fed about a million people for a year.

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