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Russia and China applaud their cooperation in advance of Putin’s scheduled trip to Beijing

The top diplomats from Russia and China had a meeting in Moscow to talk about working together more closely on global issues. They also talked about an important visit that Russian President Vladimir Putin will be making to Beijing soon.

The two countries will work together at the UN General Assembly and other important meetings, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said to Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

Wang, a person from China, went to Russia for a four-day trip. While Wang was in Russia, there was a meeting. At the same time, Han Zheng, who is the Vice President of China, met with Antony Blinken, who is the Secretary of State of the United States, in New York. They talked about keeping communication open between their countries.

The meeting between Wang and Sullivan in Malta last weekend might make it easier for Biden and Xi to meet in November during the APEC summit in the United States.

The Chinese government has been doing a lot of diplomatic work recently. This is because both China and the United States want to improve their relationship, which has become more and more difficult. Additionally, Chinese leaders want to change the way the world is governed because they think that the current system is controlled too much by Western countries. They believe that Russia is an important partner in achieving this goal.

During their meeting on Monday, Wang told Lavrov that China and Russia should collaborate to create a world where power is shared among many countries. He also mentioned that both countries have a duty to keep the world stable and peaceful.

Wang said China and Russia should work together more closely and make global governance fairer in response to one-sided actions and confrontations. This statement is in line with how China often describes actions from the US.

Wang also said that China and Russia’s relationship is not focused on or influenced by any other country.

“The diplomat said that China and Russia choose their own ways of dealing with other countries. ”

The information suggests that Putin is likely to visit China next month. Lavrov said that Russia will prepare for important meetings between the two countries.

During a meeting in Moscow in March, Xi invited Putin to come to a conference that is going to happen next month in Beijing. A person who works for the Kremlin said recently that the leader of Russia plans to go to China this summer.

Putin has not traveled much to other countries since he invaded Ukraine. This year, the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant for Putin because they believe he committed war crimes. He is now isolated from other countries diplomatically.

The meeting between the two leaders in March, which happened when Russia was attacking Ukraine, made it clear that Beijing is very dedicated to building a good relationship with Moscow. This resulted in over twelve agreements to strengthen collaboration in different areas like trade, technology, and state propaganda, as mentioned in a list provided by the Kremlin.

We work in tough situations when the world is going through major changes. In simpler words: Lavrov said during his meeting with Wang on Monday that it was very important that our leaders set clear directions for strengthening our strategic relationship in March of this year.

The war between Russia and Ukraine has changed their relationship. Because of sanctions, Moscow is now depending more on China for economic and diplomatic support.

China is trying to present itself as someone who can help make peace and is not favoring any particular side in the conflict. At the same time, China is supporting Russia financially and has not asked them to stop their attacks or remove their troops.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry said on Monday that Lavrov and Wang both agreed that they need to think about Russia’s interests when trying to solve the conflict in Ukraine.

“The parties talked extensively about the current situation in Ukraine, recognizing that it is pointless to try and solve the crisis without considering everyone’s interests, especially without involving Russia,” the statement explained.

China’s summary said that they have consistently followed the peace talks and they promise to help find a political solution to the crisis.

Wang came to Moscow on Monday after a big meeting between Putin and Kim Jong Un last week. The US was worried that this meeting could result in North Korea giving weapons to Moscow for the war in Ukraine.

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