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Police look for missing 2-year-old French boy in lake

Police divers in France have gone back to an Alpine lake to search for a second time. They are still trying to find out what happened to two-year-old Émile Soleil, who has gone missing.

The young child disappeared on July 8 when he was visiting his grandparents in a small village called Haut-Vernet. Police believe that he might have been running after butterflies when he went missing.

Investigators played a recording of his mom’s voice from a helicopter a few days later. The people in charge of the case said they were exploring all options, such as the possibility that he was killed, taken forcefully, or accidentally injured by farm equipment.

But, they haven’t found the little boy at all.

The investigators checked the lake next to a swimming pool in a small village south of Grenoble, but they didn’t find anything useful.

Prosecutors said: ‘We have finished searching but unfortunately we didn’t find anything. ‘

They arrived one week later after detectives supposedly used a heavy tool to break a stone at a house near Émile’s family’s residence.

François Balique, the mayor of Vernet, said to a local TV news channel BFMTV that the police were doing checks so that the homeowner could continue their work, which was stopped because of the investigation.
Last week, Mr. Balique also said that people who don’t live in the hamlet can’t come in until the end of September.

‘I found out that even though there was a rule, journalists were still going against it,’ he said, and added: ‘So, I will ask the police to make sure that this doesn’t happen anymore. ’

The big search to find Émile was stopped eight days after he was first reported missing.

At a press conference last week, the public prosecutor, Rémy Avon, said to the journalists: ‘Right now, we don’t have any idea, information, or evidence that can help us understand this person’s disappearance. ‘

Last month, Mr Balique thought that a bad person had taken the child away from the village.

He said to C News: ‘If we can’t find Emile in the city, it means he must have been taken somewhere else. It’s impossible for it to be any different.

“He was only able to be moved by grown-ups, by one or more grown-ups. ”

Either the person we are dealing with is crazy, or they are very cunning and manipulative.

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