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Sunday, December 3, 2023

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Police allegedly spray tear gas at mourners during Mohbad’s candlelight procession

A memorial concert and candlelight procession were meticulously planned in Lagos that evening to honour the late musician Mohbad.

The poignant procession commenced earlier in the evening at Lekki Phase 1, leading participants to the Muri Okunola Park in Victoria Island, Lagos, where the memorial concert was scheduled to commence at 8 PM.

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However, as the clock neared 11 PM, unsettling reports began surfacing on social media.

Attendees of the Lekki Phase 1 procession conveyed that they had been exposed to tear gas deployed by the police, seemingly in an effort to disperse the gathering.

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Disturbing videos circulating across social media platforms captured individuals scrambling in alarm as clouds of tear gas enveloped the vicinity.

The precise rationale behind the police’s intervention remains shrouded in uncertainty, prompting extensive discussions and conjecture among online communities.

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The candlelight procession and memorial concert had been organized as a heartfelt homage to Mohbad, whose unexpected demise had sent shockwaves through his devoted fan base and the wider music community. Regrettably, the police intervention disrupted the event, generating fear and bewilderment among those in attendance.

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