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People tagged me as a Krobo prostitute planning to destroy the world – Akumaa Mama Zimbi

Media personality, Akumaa Mama Zimbi has revealed that she has been verbally abused on multiple instances for hosting her ‘Odo Ahomaso’ show, a sex education programme on Adom TV.

The host of Odo Ahomaso said that some pastors and members of the community accused her of being a ‘Krobo prostitute’ aiming to ruin Ghana’s youth with the aforementioned programme.

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Akumaa Mama Zimbi stated in an interview with Neat FM, on March 13, 2023, explained that the programme does not intend to harm the youth of the country in any way but rather seeks to provide the entire population with sex education.

“I have been to several programs whereby people get up from my side just because they claimed sitting beside me will make their children listen to me.

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“People didn’t want to associate with me, they were saying I was evil even including some men of God…a lot of people, and they thought we the ‘Damgbes’, the “Krobos” people think we’re prostitutes, so I’m coming to destroy the world.

By way of advice, she explained: “I’m telling you that, give proper training to your children the moment the person begins to menstruate.

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“Tell her not to allow men to sleep with her because she will get pregnant and become a school dropout…

“Let me tell you, in this country, uncles have broken their own nieces’ virginity, aunties have done it, and some fathers are sleeping with their own daughters and sons.

“It is happening, what did you tell your daughter, what did you tell your son…Odo Ahomaso is gospel.” she stressed.

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