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Paying respects to foreign charity workers slain in Bakhmut by Russian strikes

Two people from another country who were helping Ukraine have been killed and two others have been hurt in the most recent attack by Russia.

Four people who were helping with relief efforts in Chasiv Yar were in a van on Sunday. The van got hit, flipped over, and caught fire.

The charity helps injured people who had to leave areas where there is fighting. They announced that a Canadian named Anthony Ihnat died in the attack. Additionally, a German medical volunteer named Ruben Mawick and Swedish volunteer named Johan Mathias Thyr were also seriously injured.

The organization Road to Relief couldn’t find their director, Emma Igual, who was from Spain and was also in the van. However, Spain’s acting foreign minister later said they were told verbally that she had passed away.

In eastern Ukraine, the Bakhmut area was attacked by Russia on Sunday, while the capital city of Kyiv experienced many drone attacks.

Serhii Popko, who is in charge of Kyiv’s military administration, said that more than 25 drones were shot down in the early hours of the morning. However, some parts of the drones fell on different areas of the city, and one person got hurt.

The volunteers were going to see what the people on the outskirts of Bakhmut needed. This was happening because Ukraine is fighting back against Russia’s control of the town.

Spanish media has given recognition and praise to Emma Igual.

Spain’s defense minister Margarita Robles expressed her support for the family of the Spanish aid worker and the Ukrainian citizens impacted by these violent acts.

‘Putin is the only person who is responsible. ‘

The temporary minister of Labour, Yolanda Diaz, described Emma as a young woman who strongly believes in human rights and embodies the admirable qualities of our country.

Alberto Núñez Feijóo, who is the leader of the People’s Party, praised Emma for showing commitment, bravery, and kindness while she was in Ukraine. He also expressed his love and support for her family, friends, and colleagues.

Ruben Mawick and Johan Mathias Thyr got hurt really bad but they are now in stable condition in different hospitals that are far away from where it happened, according to El Mundo.

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