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Sara Sharif: Pakistani court relocates siblings to government childcare facility

A judge in Pakistan has said that Sara Sharif‘s brothers and sisters, who came from the UK with their dad, should go to a special place where the government will take care of them.

The five kids were discovered at their grandpa’s house, and he wished to keep taking care of them.

Sara, a 10-year-old girl, was discovered dead at her house in Woking, Surrey, on August 10th. This happened a day after her father, uncle, and step-mother partner left the country.

Post-mortem tests showed that Sara had many serious injuries all over her body.

Sara’s dad, Urfan Sharif, her stepmom Beinash Batool, and her brother Faisal Malik, along with five kids aged one to 13, went away from the UK.

Surrey Police want to talk to three grown-ups as part of a murder investigation for Sara’s death.

The police in Pakistan have not found them yet.

On Tuesday, the court decided that Sara’s five siblings should go to a government childcare facility in Pakistan for a little while.

The decision did not say how much time the kids can stay at the government place. It also does not decide where the kids will eventually go.

Before, the kids were taken by their family members while there were armed police and local media all around them. They were brought into court, and this lasted for about 40 minutes. The organization determined that it did not have the authority to make the decision.

Then, the brothers and sisters were brought to a different court. Finally, the judge asked the children to come inside. Some people were lifted or held by their aunts or female police officers.

While the judge was asking their grandfather and his lawyer questions, they sat on chairs on the side, with their legs hanging down. The oldest child took care of the youngest, walking back and forth in a courtyard while gently bouncing them.

At one time, the kids’ family brought drinks in boxes and cookies in small packages.

All five people were taken to a police car and had to wait there before the judge made his decision.

Sara’s grandpa, Muhammad Sharif, who is Urfan Sharif’s dad, didn’t say anything when he left the court.

The police took the children from Mr. Sharif’s house on Monday in Jhelum. They returned them on the condition that he would bring them to court the following day.

Earlier, he said to BBC News that the kids have been living at his house since they came on August 10th.

“MrSharif said that I didn’t allow them to leave because they had arrived from the UK. ”

I told Urfan and Beinash that they can go wherever they want to, but I won’t allow the children to go with you. Simpler words: I informed Urfan and Beinash that they are free to go wherever they wish, but I won’t permit the children to accompany them. Nobody had asked me about the children until today.

People asked me about Urfan, Faisal, and Beinash, but nobody asked me about the children.

He later explained that if someone had asked him about the safety of children, he would have assured them that the children were in good hands with him. I have the right to care about them more than anyone else.

He said that his son and his partner didn’t call him. He thinks it’s because they were afraid of the police punishing him.

MrSharif had said many times before that he didn’t talk to his son or know where the family was.

BBC News also talked to Urfan Sharif’s sisters, who said that the children were really sad when they were taken away from their grandfather’s house.

Farzana Malik said that the children were crying and the police were taking them away forcefully.

“They were very sad and kept saying, ‘we don’t want to leave, we don’t want to leave. ‘”

People who were there saw police officers go into the building a little before 4:30 pm local time on Monday. Police officers stopped cars and made sure no one could film on their mobile phones, according to people living nearby.

MrSharif said that the police broke the CCTV cameras and the gates of his home.

The police said they had the children, but Sara’s dad, stepmom, and uncle weren’t with them. The police said the kids didn’t argue about going.

Surrey Police said in a statement that they are working closely with Surrey County Council and international partners, such as Interpol, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, and the National Crime Agency, to figure out what to do next.

The force said that they are still focused on keeping these five children safe and well taken care of.

The council of Surrey County stated that its main concern is the well-being of the children.

Tim Oliver, who is in charge of Surrey County Council, said that they are working non-stop with different groups like the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, Surrey Police, Interpol, and the National Crime Agency to make sure the children are safe and well. They are doing this through the legal processes that are happening right now.

Muhammad Sharif told the BBC on Friday that he sent a message to his son, saying he should give up to the police.

Muhammad Sharif and his family say that the police have been bothering them, taking some family members away without a good reason, and searching their houses without permission. He said that the police are making false accusations against them to put more pressure on them.

The police said no or the police disagree with this.

Last week, there was a video where Sara’s stepmother talked in front of people for the very first time since they found the body of the 10-year-old girl. Sara’s dad was in the video too, but he didn’t talk. Batool read from a notebook.

Ms Batool said that Sara’s death was an “event” and that she and Urfan Sharif are ready to help UK authorities.

She said the family is hiding because they are scared that the Pakistani police might hurt them and cause their death. The head of the Jhelum police said to the BBC that the claims of mistreatment and pain inflicted on family members are not true.

Sara’s father called for help as soon as he arrived in Islamabad, Pakistan. Sadly, Sara’s body was found soon after.

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