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#OccupyJulorbiHouse: May we not miss the target, the clout chasers are in town – Sarkodie

Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie has observed that the significant turnout at the #OccupyJulorbiHouse protest can be divided into two clear categories.

He explained that the first group consists of individuals who genuinely have concerns and are passionately advocating for a transformation in the way the nation is governed. In contrast, the second group comprises those who attended the event primarily to seek attention.

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On the third day of the protest, Sarkodie shared his perspective, citing certain videos from the event as the basis for his observation.

His tweet read: “I watch videos and I see clearly the ‘real’ protesters complaining about the hardship they are facing (which should be amplified) and not caring who is there and who is not because it goes beyond that…”

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“And as always, we have the “Clout Chasers” changing the agenda on the grounds of the unnecessary trend. Big shouts to all citizens and all public figures with the purest intent to fight for change. May we not miss the target.”

Sarkodie extended his commentary to President Akufo-Addo in a subsequent tweet, reminding him of the underlying motivations driving the #OccupyJulorbiHouse protests that shook the capital, Accra, from September 21 to 23.

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According to the artist, who is currently in the US, suffocating hardships were at the heart of the mass action. He observed that the tone-deaf nature of the government was evident that appointees were clearly not in tune with the realities of the ordinary Ghanaian.

“Main reason for this demonstration is to let you know the people (citizens) are suffocating in hardship! It’s easy to overlook since most government officials are nowhere close to the situation on the ground! It’s a bully when you starve someone and still ask them to follow ‘Rules’ it’s only a matter of time,” his tweet read.

The #OccupyJulorbiHouse protest

The #OccupyJulorbiHouse movement has gained significant momentum for legitimate reasons, continuously dominating the top trending topics for three consecutive days. Under the guidance of Democracy Hub, protesters have taken to the streets to voice their concerns about economic hardships and corruption.

On Day 1, which took place on September 21, during the #OccupyJulorbiHouse protests organised by Democracy Hub, the police unlawfully detained hundreds of protesters who were marching to demand action regarding the ongoing economic crisis and issues of corruption.

These arrests, along with the manner in which they were carried out by the police, received strong criticism for infringing on the constitutional right to protest and for the use of excessive force.

The detainees were transported to the regional headquarters and then dispersed among approximately eight police stations scattered across the capital.

During this process, other journalists and protesters who had gathered, particularly at the Accra Regional Command, encountered instances of police aggression, including pushing, unwarranted detention, confiscation of phones, and, in some cases, physical assault.

Days 2 and 3 of the protests proceeded without any major incidents, as the police set up barricades on the main road leading to the presidency, Jubilee House, even before the protesters commenced their march towards the location.

On Day 2, one part of the 37-Accra Road was blocked, while the final day witnessed the closure of both sides, resulting in significant traffic disruptions throughout the day.

Both Day 2 and Day 3 also saw the participation of some celebrities in the protest.

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