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Oboy Siki reveals how much movie stars charge for a feature in Youtube skits

Kumawood actor, Oboy Siki, has revealed the amount of money that is mostly charged by actors who feature in the various Youtube skits that are shot in Kumasi.

Speaking with Ola Michael on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review show, Oboy Siki disclosed that the amount of money paid is mostly based on the level of the individual involved.

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He mentioned that mostly the people who act as PAs on the set and sometimes get one or two scenes to shoot take not less than GH₵100.00 as their daily wage.

Oboy Siki added that those who are viewed as top stars are paid not less than GH₵1,500 or GH₵2,000 for a day on a movie set.

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He went on to indicate that these rates might differ or go higher when the individual who is shooting the said skit is not known by the stars they want to use for their production.

When asked how these monies are paid to them, Oboy Siki mentioned that most of the producers of such skits will put the monies together and pay the full amount to the individuals involved in the production when they are done shooting, mostly lasting at most, three days.

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Watch the video below:

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