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My prophecies are not doom, I say what God reveals – Nigel Gasie

Founder of True Word Prophetic Fire Ministries (Grace Chapel), Prophet Nigel Gaisie, has stated that he does not employ doom prophecies to gain fame.

He strongly affirmed that he only conveys what he hears from God.

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Speaking to the media, Prophet Gaisie expressed frustration over allegations that he uses such prophecies for publicity.

“I didn’t become who I am today because my prophecies get national attention. It is a gift God has blessed me with. When I see something, I say it. I have been on radio for the past 14 years and TV as well, so it will be wrong for anyone to assume that I’m riding on doom prophecies just to be popular or attach it to my popularity now,” he explained.

He clarified that his current standing and reputation were not built on gaining national attention through prophecies but are a result of the God-given gift he possesses.

He emphasized that when he receives a revelation, he speaks it.

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He mentioned his extensive experience in the media industry, having been on radio for the past 14 years and on television as well. He urged against assuming that he rides on doom prophecies to enhance his popularity.

Prophet Gaisie highlighted a tendency in Ghana to undervalue local prophets while holding prophets from other countries in higher regard. He emphasized that Ghanaian prophecies deserve attention and respect similar to prophecies from prophets of other nations.

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The prophet also expressed his concerns about a disrespectful statement made by one of the panellists on the show. He revealed that continuous disrespect has led him to decline media interviews, highlighting the need for respectful discourse.

Prophet Nigel Gaisie’s comments followed sentiments expressed regarding prophecies made about an individual he refers to as “Sherif Black,” as well as prophecies concerning Ghanaian celebrities, including musician Wendy Shay, who was recently involved in a near-fatal accident.

“If there is a prophecy from Ghana, we do not value it, but when it is from another prophet from a different country, we pay attention to it,” he pointed out.

“In the name of speaking my mind, people disrespect you by saying anything and talking anyhow to you,” he added.

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