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Mother-of-five dies after ingesting cocaine and attempting to extract her own teeth

A woman who was under the influence of drugs attempted to remove her wisdom teeth and died.

In July of last year, Kiera Kent, 29, passed away at her house in St. Ive, close to Liskeard.

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At a recent inquest, it was revealed that Ms. Kent, a mother of five, had long struggled with tooth problems before the tragic night she took the medicine.

DC provides proof According to Lindsay Cork, Ms. Kent’s mouth had scrapes and abrasions consistent with her pulling at her own flesh, according to the post-mortem report.

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The injuries, which were deemed severe, also demonstrated that she had put her hand in her mouth while attempting to take her teeth out.

Liam Crabtree, Ms. Kent’s partner, had called the police because he was worried about her “bizarre and erratic” attitude, according to DC Cork.

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Acute behaviour disturbance following cocaine use was listed as the official cause of death for Ms. Kent. This could have worsened a chemical imbalance already present in her body, which could have had fatal consequences.

According to a police report read aloud during the inquest, Ms. Kent and Mr. Crabtree hosted friends for a cookout the day before she passed away.

Ms. Kent took the medication and then walked upstairs. When she failed to return, Mr. Crabtree became worried. He went looking for her and found her laying on the bed covered in blood.

When Mr. Crabtree phoned the police, they came and asked for an ambulance, which they claimed took a long time to come.

Following that, officers handcuffed Ms. Kent in an effort to prevent her from hurting herself any more.

Prior to paramedics showing up and announcing her dead, the police gave her CPR for around 30 minutes after she stopped breathing.

During the hearing, assistant coroner for Cornwall Guy Davies remarked, “[The police] found Kiera in an extremely disturbed state, covered in blood, with injuries to the red raw skin on her hands from being put into her mouth. To attempt and preserve her life, [they] bravely struggled.

Kiera was a loving mother of five beautiful children, according to a fundraising campaign created by the family. Everybody here will sadly miss her.

The centre of our family’s existence was Kiera. One who was so nice to everyone she knew.

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