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Meet the 3 men likely to be behind ‘The new force’

For close to a month, Ghanaians have observed an unusually masked face on billboards.

It is believed that its emergence is due to the 2024 general elections. “The New Force“—a who or what is promising a new Ghana.

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Now, many are curious to find out the face behind the masked man or men. The billboard, which shows a man in a wooden mask and a suit, conveys a message of leadership for the next generation, with the hashtag #TheNewForce. The billboard also has the flag of Ghana at the bottom right corner.

the new force jpg

Several individuals have come out to announce their affiliation with “The New Force” while others have given hints that suggest they are “The New Force” or a part of it.

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Oliver Barker-Vormawor

Former convenor for #FixTheCountry movement, Oliver Barker-Vormawor, on November 4 gave the indication that “The New Force” is not an individual but the whole of Ghana.

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In a Twitter post where he shared an edited version of the viral billboard, he wrote: “We are all behind that Mask! The New Force is us! Not an individual.”

Dr Sam Ankrah

A Development economist, Dr Samuel Ankrah, is also claiming to be the face behind “The New Force”. Unlike the other individuals, he has stated categorically that he is the face behind the masked man.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, November 19, he called on the entire populace to “rally behind a youthful movement that seeks to champion transparency and accountability.”

Ironically, he stated that “No Masked Promises”, seemingly contrasting with the masked representation on the billboards.

He explained that “‘No Masked Promises’ symbolizes the rejection of political facades and the commitment to unmask the truth. By focusing on tangible actions over empty words, this campaign vows to bridge the gap between promises made and promises kept.”

“We have the power as youth to make this change. Learn more about Dr Sam ANKRAH as the newest force for the next generation,” he added.

In July this year, the investment banker officially announced his candidacy for president.

“The time has come to change this narrative. Ghana can no longer afford to be associated with uninspiring and mediocre leadership that promises much and delivers little to nothing. The era of musical chairs-styled change in leadership – where one underperforming leader replaces another equally underperforming one is no longer acceptable to Ghanaians.

“The nation is calling on men and women whose hearts beat for Ghana and who have proven to be competent leaders and efficient project managers, to step up and help with the Ghana Project.

“This is the reason I have decided to run for office and I humbly ask for your support as I officially announce my candidacy as an independent contestant for the office of President of the Republic of Ghana today,” he said.

Captain Smart

Today, the host of Onua TV’s Maakye programme, Captain Smart announced his resignation.

Shortly after announcing his departure, he broke into a speech on African unity and self-reliance, stating, “The truth of the matter is that there’s a billboard in town; the face must show. Ghana is my priority, and West Africa is my home. And Africa is my responsibility.”

He continued, “We have to save this country at all costs, and it will be a bash at my back and a bar I cannot hold to survive if I cannot quit to save this country. I cannot always stay in my comfort zone. I want bigger, bigger, and the biggest task—the great, greater, the greatest task—to prove to the world that once again, the black man is capable of managing his own affairs.”

This has raised questions about whether Captain Smart is suggesting he is the face behind “The New Force.”

Source: The Independent Ghana

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