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Man ‘prays’ to God to send him a police officer who will beat poverty out of his life

The man who is believed to be a Kumawood actor is heard in the video claiming that he has been acting for a long time but have not received half of the donations being presented to Patience Osafo, the lady who was assaulted at the Shiashi branch of Midland Savings and Loans.

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He was, therefore, calling on God to come to his aid and send a policeman who would assault him into his life.

He then proceeds by naming the people he would want to receive donations from and how much he would want each of them to pay him.

Kwame Despite, Dr Kwame Kyei, Adonko Bitters, Kennedy Agyapong and a host of other businessmen in the country, he said are the kinds of people he would want them to donate to him after he has been beaten. He wants each of them to donate an amount of GHC 10,000 (100 MILLION) to him.

“I will buy Kumasi Airport, Baba Yara Sports Stadium, and plots of land…,” he says.

Watch the funny video below:


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