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Lord Paper explains why he said ‘the devil can’t use me again’

On Tuesday, Ghanaian afrobeat and hip-hop musician Lord Paper caused a stir on social media with a photograph of him and the founder of the Perez Chapel Int., Bishop Charles Agyinasare.

The caption of the picture read “was life changing meeting with you, daddy Pastor Agyinasare. Thanks for the prayers. I’ve repented for good. The devil can’t use me again. Proud of new me.”

The singer, who is best known for his much criticized X-rated music video “Awurama”, has denounced his breakout single, saying he has regretted producing the song that shot him to fame.

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He expressed a desire to create new music with positive content and called on the public to delete every trace of the Awurama music video they have in their possession and brace themselves for his new work.

In an interview with the, Lord Paper revealed that he had been under a lot of negative influences and pressures in the past. He explained that the “devil” used in the caption of his Instagram post connotates bad friendships, relationships and lifestyles rooted in worldly desires that pulled him off the right path.

He added that although he would be keeping all his old friends, he would be more vigilant and mindful of the attitudes and values he adopts on his new journey.















The rapper entered the music scene in 2010 after leaving his job as an actor in South Africa to pursue full-time music in Ghana. He became famous when he released his debut controversial single and video Awurama in 2016. The song has been criticised for its sexually explicit content of the music video.

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