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“Let this be the last time any security personnel is slain” – Defence Minister

The minister of defense, Dominic Nitiwul, has warned the public in no uncertain terms about the murders of security agency employees.

He asserted that the death of the young soldier, Sheriff Imoro, ought to be the last time a member of Ghana’s security agencies is murdered by the same people they have promised to protect.

Major Mahama, an army officer, was allegedly assassinated in 2017 by several Denkyira-Obuasi villagers while he was out for a morning health stroll. It’s said that the young soldier was mistaken for an armed robber.

“Let be the last time that men and women in uniform will be killed by the people they want to protect. Men and women in uniform – Ghana Armed Forces, Ghana Police, Immigration, all of them,” Mr. Nitiwul warned.

He sounded the caution on Thursday when he led members of the Defence and Interior Committee on a fact-finding mission to Ashaiman to investigate circumstances leading to the death Sherrif Imoro and the subsequent brutality meted out to residents.

The Committee’s first point of call was the residence of the deceased soldier where the Defence Minister said the killers will be made to face the full rigours of the law.

He also consoled the family on their loss and urged them not to seek revenge for the demise of their relative.

“…If it is not the will of God it will never happen. Those criminals would never have succeeded. God wanted it to happen that is why He allowed it to …Don’t take revenge as a family and as people of Ashaiman, the God of Ghana will answer for you. I know that it is difficult for all of us, but God has a way of defending the defenceless and Ghana will defend this family,” he said.

He assured that the doors of the Ministry of Defence are open to the family.

According to him, the President is very disturbed about the turn of events at Ashaiman, adding that the development “only tells us that we have a lot to do.”

He noted that the military brutality of the residents of Ashaiman will be tackled at another forum.

“We will address the military action at another time but today, we are here to commiserate with the family and to let you know that the state is with you. The people of Ghana are mourning with you and will support you throughout your journey of grief and afterwards,” he stated.

“On behalf of the government, I want to extend our deepest condolences to all of you,” he added.

According to him, the Ashaiman incident will be a stepping stone to addressing some happenings in the country.

He urged Ashaiman residents to live peacefully with the security services in the area.

He also commended the Police and intelligence agencies for their swiftness in the arrest of the suspects, adding that it is welcome and has served as a relief.

He added that, “I hope our law courts will not say that justice is delayed. Justice grinds slowly but it will surely come, but in this case, we want justice to grind very fast.”

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