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Oversight powers should be given to Pan African Parliament – Frank Annoh

Frank Annoh-Dompreh, the majority chief whip, has urged the newly elected Pan African Parliament (PAP) President to see that the Parliament is granted oversight authority.

He asserts that the PURC and the agencies of AUCs have been given authority to oversee the PAP, and that the PAP is in competition with the PURC for this authority.

 This, he said, should not be the case.

He explained that the PAP was formed with a mandate to oversee parliaments in Africa. Therefore, “that function that is being performed by the agencies of the AUC and PURC must be relinquished.”

“Nobody should tell me any theory, that is what it is.  From whichever way you view it, we have an oversight that is backed by protocol and nobody will take it away from us.

“We will demand that and will make that suggestion to you with the greatest of respect that let that oversight powers be given back to PAP,” he appealed to the newly elected PAP President, Chief Fortune Charumbira.

He made this appeal during a Pan African Parliament meeting in South Africa.

He maintained that the oversight function must be given to PAP, noting that it is well defined in PAP’s rules of procedure under rule 17.

According to the legislator, the PURC, AU and PAP are supposed to work in sync.

“I hope today will be a day that all of us will rally around and say that enough is enough! We cannot come back one year after and be talking about the same thing,” he said.

He also commended the President of PAP and the Bureau for maintaining peace at meetings.

According to him, he has proven beyond doubt that the confidence reposed in him is justified.

“We want to make an appeal to the African Union and all agencies of the African Union that gone were the days when PAP will come here and be fighting. For a long time we are not fighting again, we as an institution are making a conscious effort to reform ourselves.

“That is why we changed our rules of procedure. That is why for a long time the PAP and the PURC were not meeting but through the leadership – our president, the new Bureau struck that understanding and there is a cross-fertilization and working together,” he said.

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