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Langerbell insults ‘Trotro driver’ for moving car when passenger hasn’t sat down

Chief Drummer of the Senior National Team, Ghana Black Stars has lambasted a ‘trotro’ driver for misbehaving. got hold of a recording where Langerbell was heard insulting a driver mercilessly and with ‘unconsecrated’ words as well.

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Boarding a’ trotro’ is sometimes very annoying as either the ‘ mate’, driver or passenger one way or the other might get on your nerves.

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According to an eyewitness, what actually caused the rift between the ‘trotro’ driver and Langerbell was that the driver moved the car when a woman(passenger) had not sat down or settled down. Yes! these are some of the annoying behaviours of ‘trotro’ drivers.

Langerbell could not keep mute with the action of the driver as he got infuriated and insulted the driver mercilessly.

In the audio, the driver was heard talking back failing to admit his fault.

It was quite hilarious though!

Although some of the passengers begged Langerbell to leave the insolent driver alone; he was so heated up that their petition fell on deaf ears.

Langerbell threatened to beat the driver if he doesn’t stop talking back.

In the audio, he was heard saying

“My friend, if you don’t take care you will see what I will do to you. F**k you. You are doing something ‘wey’ it is not good, we are telling you! Do you think driving is a profession? Even women ‘sef’ ‘dey’ drive. Go and learn electricity or mason you will see. If mouth and mouth go, hand and hand go…”

According to the witness who handed the recording to us, Langerbell was cooled down by a beautiful woman who happened to be in the ‘trotro’.

In as much as they say two wrongs don’t make a right, was Langerbell Justified to insult the driver for his wrongdoing?


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