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Killers apologise for hurting Georgian fans with ‘brother’ statement about Russia

The Killers have issued an apology after lead singer Brandon Flowers asked a Russian fan to play drums on stage during a performance in Georgia.

He prompted jeers and walk-outs from some sections of the crowd when he urged them to consider the Russian fan as their “brother.”

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With its neighbour, Georgia, which declared its independence from Russia in 1991, has long had problems.

Invading Georgia in 2008, Russia still controls a portion of the former Soviet republic.

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Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last year, a number of Russians moved to Georgia, which hastened tensions.

After the show, the Killers released a statement on social media in which they stated: “Good people of Georgia, it was never our aim to hurt anyone!

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We’ve had a long tradition of allowing individuals to play drums, and from the stage, it looked like the audience initially approved of tonight’s audience participation participant joining us onstage.

“We acknowledge that a phrase that was intended to imply that the Killers’ audience and fans are all ‘brothers and sisters’ may have been misinterpreted.

We apologies for upsetting anyone; that was not our intention. We support you and intend to be back shortly.

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