Kenyan politician wants rivers rather than buildings ‘demolished’


Kenyans on Twitter are discussing comments made by the governor of central Kiambu county about the demolition of buildings in wetland areas in the capital, Nairobi.

Most people have concentrated on Ferdinand Waititu’s remarks that property built on riparian land should not be demolished – instead, owners should be allowed to redirect the flow of water.

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“I don’t support the ongoing demolitions. If your house is near a river, you should be allowed, at your expense, to divert it. Demolishing houses is not a solution,” Mr Waititu said in a speech.

Listen to his comments (in Kiswahili):

Twitter users say they are shocked at the politician’s lack of grasp of the environmental concern.

President Uhuru Kenyatta said at the weekend that he had lost friends since the demolition operation started. He said that the project was part of fighting “impunity”.

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Dubbed Nairobi regeneration programme, authorities in the capital have so far taken down plush homes and shopping malls.

About 4,000 buildings have been targeted for demolition.

Kenya’s environmental agency (Nema) says the structures are illegal, some of which have been built on wetlands.

Source: BBC