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Kenya to ban children’s homes over child trafficking

The Kenyan government, through Minister of Social Protection Florence Bore, has announced plans to eliminate all privately owned orphanages and children’s homes within the next eight years.

This move aims to combat child trafficking.

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Minister Bore emphasized that the closure of these facilities is intended to place children in family and community-based care, providing a more conducive environment for their well-being.

According to a 2017 report by the UN children’s agency, an estimated 40,000 children resided in 811 registered institutions in Kenya. Data regarding the number of children in unregistered institutions is currently unavailable.

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Ms. Bore shared on social media, specifically X (formerly known as Twitter), that the government is already in the process of reforming children’s homes and orphanages.

“In the next eight years private homes will not exist. We need to prepare in order to absorb those children,” she said on Sunday during an inspection of children’s care facilities under construction by Kenya’s government.

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Ms Bore has stated that the government will continue to house children in institutions administered by the Child Welfare Society of Kenya, the government body responsible for the care, protection, welfare, and adoption of Kenyan children.

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