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“I won’t succumb to indecency just to stay relevant”- Adina

Ghanaian songstress Adina has made a clear and principled declaration that she will never resort to using sex to promote her music. 

She firmly believes that maintaining decency and focusing on her talent can be equally effective in generating sales and garnering attention in the entertainment industry. 

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In an interview with Graphic Showbiz, Adina underscored her unwavering commitment to her principles, stating that she will not compromise her values for the sake of popularity. 

She firmly expressed her belief in relying on her talent and personal values rather than resorting to revealing attire or provocative content to attract attention and sustain her relevance in the industry.

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 Adina firmly stated, “I won’t succumb to indecency just to get attention or stay relevant in the industry. Decency sells too, and it’s a choice I am proud to make.”

This statement reflects her dedication to maintaining her artistic integrity and showcasing her talent in a respectful and dignified manner.

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Adina attributed her unwavering commitment to projecting decency and authentic self-expression to her background and her strong belief in the potency of personal branding. She emphasized that her brand is constructed upon the values and image she currently embodies. 

“I am not pressured to conform to any immoral standards to sell my craft. My training even won’t allow it, and it is a personal decision too.

“People want a certain image, and when they think of branding and getting people to know them, they think of going with what is making everyone popular, like what we see on our screens. Mine is what you are seeing now. I have tried mine and it’s working for me,” Adina explained.

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