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I want to meet my son Agya Koo – Alleged father

A man purporting to be the biological father of popular Kumawood actor, ‘Agya Koo’, has been spotted on social media.

The old man, identified as Kwesi Bediako, is seeking a reconciliation with his son, whom he had not seen since birth.

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According to Mr. Bediako, he and the actor’s mother met and started a relationship during his working days at Meridian Hotel in Tema.

He said they had been together for a while until she informed him that she was pregnant and bolted afterward.

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In an interview with Ghana News TV, monitored by GhanaWeb, Mr. Bediako said he is seeking every means possible to get in touch with his son.

“After Agya Koo’s mother and I met in Tema during work, we started a relationship and she later informed me that she was pregnant. She gave birth and named the child Kofi Adu but I wasn’t aware. I had not seen her and my child since.

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“My name is Agya Koo, so there is no doubt that my son adopted that name. It is no coincidence. I have heard different stories about his mother’s whereabouts. Some say she is dead; others say she is still alive, I don’t know.

“As for my son, I didn’t know what he looked like until I bought one of his movies. Life is extremely hard for me. So, everybody is asking me to go and find my son and make amends because now he is a successful man. they have encouraged me to find him because he could transform my life for the better. He could help ease my present suffering as a farmer,” he established.

He also stated some reasons that initially deterred him from reaching out to his son.

“Initially I badly wanted to meet him but I was shy. I held back because I was skeptical about how he would receive me. I was scared he might not accept me because I wasn’t there for him while he was suffering. Also, how he acts on TV, tells me he could be a difficult person. All these things scare me,” he stated.

Earlier in 2013, the veteran actor denied a 50-year-old woman who claimed to be his biological mother on a radio station in the Ashanti region.

“My mother died 7 years ago…I don’t know that woman,” he expressed during a phone-in interview.

Meanwhile, Agya Koo is yet to comment on the new development regarding his ‘lost and found’ father.

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