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I saw what happened to Ebony in a dream – Kaywa

David Kojo Kyei, also known as Kaywa, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Highly Spiritual Music, has made a startling revelation about a tragic incident involving the late Ebony.

According to Kaywa, he had a premonition of the accident that ultimately claimed Ebony’s life, as it appeared to him in a vivid dream.

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Upon recognizing the gravity of the dream, Kaywa wasted no time in reaching out to Bullet, Ebony’s manager, to share what he had seen. As a man of God, Kaywa explained that he had a close and personal relationship with Bullet, especially when it came to prophecies concerning his record label and artists.

Speaking on Prime Morning on Joyprime, hosted by Rosellyn Felli, Kaywa revealed that there were occasions when he had to intervene and guide them on certain actions or locations to prevent the events he had dreamed about from happening. This chilling account underscores the profound impact of dreams and prophetic visions in his life and work, particularly when it pertains to the safety and well-being of the artists under his care.

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“So, what happened to Ebony was not a prophecy, I saw it in a dream. Usually, when I go to sleep, there are many things I see and so when I woke up, I texted Bullet and sent him details which included where I saw my dream. It was very detailed. Until he put out that information, nobody knew I even spoke about it. There were times I will tell them not to go at this time, I will text them and it was a personal thing”, he explained.

Kaywa further emphasized that while some prophecies may be unchangeable, he firmly believes that altering the course of events can be the best approach.

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Elaborating on this perspective, he recounted a specific instance when he had a foreboding feeling about Ebony performing in the region she hailed from. Consequently, he took it upon himself to warn Ebony against holding a performance there, based on his intuition and the dream he had experienced. In his view, this proactive approach is a means of mitigating potential risks and safeguarding the well-being of the artists he works with, even when faced with challenging or unsettling premonitions.

“I have heard many people say they can see but they can’t stop it. Sometimes it is not stopping, sometimes it is just changing the course. When I saw it, I kept telling him to change the course. I remember there were times I texted them and said, the region, that space, you have a lot of calls to go and perform there, don’t go. They kept getting calls and they also were turning down the calls and all that”

“You know she is gone and I want us to respect Ebony. You know she was a very good person and all that”, he stated.

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