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I neglected education in my youthful days, because I was making money – Adjetey Sowah

Former dance champion Adjetey Sowah has admitted he prioritized making money over education. Proficient in dancing, he received invitations from various Accra event organizers, insisting on payment before performing. The substantial income from dancing led him to neglect his education.

In an interview with Joy FM Showbiz A-Z Adjetey Sowah revealed that his educational qualifications suffered due to his attraction to the substantial income generated from his dancing career.

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“Back in the day all the dancing competitions that were going on from 1984, even though I was part of the event, I had collected my money already. I was making money out of it [dancing] that is the reason why I did not take my education seriously,” he said.

He added, “All around the country, Tamale, everywhere I mean Accra alone, sometimes on weekends, there is a lot of competition maybe 8 or 9 events. I am part of everything and before I go, I collect money first. I go everywhere including Dansoman, Teshie, Circle, Spark Centre, Apollo Theatre. I will be there and after doing my bid, I go to another place, perform, collect my money, and come back.

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