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I led Ebony to Christianity before her death – Kaywa

Renowned music producer Kaywa has encouraged celebrities not to fear death prophecies, emphasizing that they are not a guarantee of death.

During a live discussion on X with Graphic Showbiz, Kaywa stated that many celebrities and the general public fear such prophecies due to a lack of understanding. He explained that death is a transition from one state to another, and for believers, it should not instill fear.

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Kaywa also shared that he had received a prophecy about the late songstress Ebony Reigns before her passing, and he had converted her to Christianity before her untimely death in 2018.

He emphasized that both positive and negative prophecies should be accepted in good faith, as prophets deliver messages from God, not personal opinions.

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“Whether you believe in the prophecy or not, the prophet’s aim is to convey what God has revealed to him. It is up to the recipient to accept it and act upon it. I have given some prophecies about certain individuals, and they received them with grace, and we prayed about them,” he iterated.

Priscilla Opoku-Kwarteng, known by her stage name Ebony Reigns, was a Ghanaian dancehall/Afrobeats artist known for her hit songs including “Poison” and “Kupe” Ebony Reigns died in a motor accident in 2018.

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