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I don’t support Wendy Shay’s statement that ‘every man cheats’ – Joe Mettle

Gospel musician Joe Mettle has firmly contested the assertion put forth by his fellow artist, Wendy Shay, within one of her songs, wherein she contended that every man is predisposed to engage in acts of infidelity.

Joe Mettle, known for his hit song ‘Boo no ni’ and having been honored as the Artiste of the Year at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards in the past, unequivocally rejected the notion that all men share a proclivity for unfaithfulness based on the fact that some individuals of the male gender do, in fact, engage in extramarital affairs.

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He expressed the perspective that the actions of a minority should not be used as a basis for sweeping generalizations that apply to the entirety of the male population, highlighting the diversity of human behavior and choices.

Furthermore, Joe Mettle conveyed his profound astonishment at this particular perspective, particularly because it was articulated by a woman, Wendy Shay.

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During his interview with Peace FM Entertainment Review, Joe Mettle asserted that Wendy Shay’s statement might have been influenced by her personal experiences, acknowledging her as a victim, but he firmly asserted that labeling every man as prone to cheating was an inaccurate and unjust notion.

“She [Wendy Shay] the woman said every man cheats? It should be a man who can say that. Maybe she said that because of the experience he had with her boyfriend. I am telling you as a man that it is not true [that every man cheats].

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“And especially when you say every man cheats, you didn’t say it well. Some people say most men cheat but when you say every man cheats, then that’s wrong,” he said.

He added, “You can ask other men if that [every man cheats] is true but I totally disagree.”

Gospel artiste, Joe Mettle, made the remark when he was quizzed on what he makes of Wendy Shay’s song that had a line that said, “Every man cheats.”

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