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Hugh Jackman eats substantial food at Nigerian eatery in London

Hugh Jackman recently became a big fan of Nigerian food after visiting a popular restaurant chain over the weekend.

The popular Australian actor, famous for his role as Wolverine in the Marvel movies, is now in London to shoot the next Deadpool movie. However, the production of the film has temporarily stopped because of the Sag-Aftra actors’ strike.

Hugh, who is 54 years old, is currently not busy with work. He is enjoying his time in the UK and recently decided to eat delicious food at a Nigerian restaurant called Enish.

The famous actor surprised the employees and customers at a restaurant on Oxford Street. His children suggested the restaurant to him.

A representative from the restaurant said that he went there over the weekend with his friends and they ordered a variety of dishes, including BBQ chicken for their appetizer.

For the main course, they had different dishes like jollof rice cooked with stockfish, yam porridge served with chicken, jollof rice with fresh fish, Ogbona soup accompanied by pounded yam and fried fish. They had Coke, Nigerian Fanta, and a big glass of Merlot to drink.

Yes, it’s true, Hugh tasted Nigerian Fanta and definitely enjoyed it.

The spokesperson said that it was the person’s first time trying Nigerian food. Their kids suggested that they go to that place. He liked his food and we saw him moving to the Afrobeats music in the restaurant.

‘He was a nice and friendly customer to have in the restaurant. ‘

Hugh made himself inconspicuous by wearing a cap and dressing casually in a T-shirt and jeans. But, he gladly showed his face and smiled for a picture that was shared on the Enish Instagram account.

In simple words, they wrote in the caption: ‘Hugh Jackman visited our Enish Oxford St branch this weekend and enjoyed some traditional Nigerian food. ‘

Enish’s fans really liked that Hugh enjoyed the food from West Africa. Some even called it “awesome” and one person said they love Hugh Jackman.

Another person on Instagram made a joke about someone needing to recharge themselves by eating fufu.

Now that Hugh likes the restaurant, there are many other places he can go to because the restaurant has branches in Brixton, Croydon, Finchley, and even Dubai. Additionally, a new store will be opening in Covent Garden on September 14th.

Enish, a company started by Olushola and Eniola Medupin in 2013, is now valued at £10 million.

Hugh has been seen at other restaurants besides Enish. In July, he went to The Waffle House in Norwich and had a big and indulgent meal.
Hugh ordered a normal milkshake with cream on top and banana waffles. However, his main meal was unusual. Hugh chose waffles covered in cheese, mushrooms, and what seemed to be ground meat.

He wrote with his post: ‘I am enjoying a special meal just for myself. Oops I didn’t give any to others. ‘ “I don’t feel apologetic. ”

The actor from Les Miserables has a lot of free time because the filming for Deadpool 3, in which he acts alongside Ryan Reynolds, got delayed because of a strike among actors in Hollywood.

Ryan and Rob, who are famous actors, were spotted hanging out with local people at a football match of Wrexham FC last month. Ryan was able to get tickets because he is one of the owners of the Welsh football team, along with Rob McElhenney.

Marvel fans are excitedly waiting for Hugh to come back as Wolverine. He last portrayed the character in the movie Logan from 2017.

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