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Have sex twice every week – Health expert urges men

The Chief Executive Officer of Chartma Herbal Health Centre, Dr Charity Twumasi, has admonished married men to have sex at least twice every week.

This, according to her, is advisable because it will help reduce the risk of getting prostate cancer.

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In a conversation with Asieduwaa Akumia on Prime Morning on Tuesday, she explained that having too much sex leads to overuse of the prostate gland, making it lose its efficiency.

“I keep telling men that too much of everything is bad, and as a man, if you ejaculate, it contains 400 million cells. So, if a man just walks into a room with a lady right now and then they have sexual intercourse, that man is bringing out 400 mini cells.”

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“Now, if the gland is overused, the possibility that it will cause prostate cancer is high. At least do it twice a week. Don’t kill yourself. If we’re looking at the 400 cells, if you want to quantify it in volumes, you’re bringing out one pint of blood,” she explained.

She further noted that men who abuse sex are at a higher risk of getting prostate cancer.

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Also, Charity Twumasi revealed that the reason some men become weak earlier is due to the overuse of strength during their youthful days.

It is believed that older men are bound to get prostate infections.

But Dr Twumasi observed that younger men who are engrossed in too much sex are at greater risk than older men.

“Formerly, we had the older men have prostate issues. Now even the younger ones are having it. I’ve diagnosed a 30-year-old guy and a 21-year-old with prostate cancer because some will masturbate and do other sexually related stuff.”

She cautioned men against taking in caffeine, saying it will affect their performance and weaken the prostate gland.

The health expert has, however, entreated men to eat foods like ginger, the shell of watermelon, tiger nut, coconut, and bitter kola blended together.

Source: Myjoyonline

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