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Friday, December 8, 2023

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Go and plant trees – Speaker directs MPs

Speaker Alban Bagbin has instructed all members of parliament (MPs) to desist from engaging in any other activity today apart from planting of trees.

The speaker gave the order to enforce the planting of 10 million trees seedlings directive by government to commemorate Green Ghana Day.

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Drawing inspiration from successful tree-planting endeavours in other parts of the world, such as Dubai, where deserts have been transformed into lush forests, Alban Bagbin highlighted the need for a comprehensive approach to tree planting in Ghana.

He acknowledged that while the survival rate of planted seedlings needed improvement, it was crucial to persevere in the face of challenges.

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Mr. Bagbin stressed the importance of taking action and not using concerns such as illegal mining, known as galamsey, as a reason to abandon tree planting efforts.

He emphasized that refraining from planting trees would only exacerbate the situation. Instead, he encouraged members of Parliament to lead by example and engage their constituents in the tree planting exercise.

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In light of his support for the cause, Mr. Bagbin announced that there would be no parliamentary sitting on Friday to allow members to participate in tree planting activities.He called for collective efforts in nurturing and growing trees to ensure their long-term survival and the positive impact on the environment.

“The tree planting you’ve seen in the Middle East, Dubai and the rest where they really bring trees and plant for a desert to be turned into forest. That is tree planting. What we do here is planting seedlings and we should talk about growing trees.

“We plant and go away and the survival rate is what we are talking about which we have to work on. But I believe that it’s better to do this than to say that because there is galamsey (illegal mining) we will not plant the trees, then we will worsen the situation,” Mr. Bagbin stated.

He continued: “So please I want to encourage members to continue and let’s grow the trees together and I will direct that honorable members to as usual proceed to lead their constituents in the exercise. So there will be no sitting on Friday.”

The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, in collaboration with the Forestry Commission also urged all Ghanaians and residents to actively participate in the national tree-planting exercise.

Today, Friday, June 9, 2023, marks the third edition of Green Ghana Day.The event forms a vital component of an ambitious afforestation and reforestation agenda aimed at restoring the country’s depleted forest cover.

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