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Ghana does not offer favorable conditions for young entrepreneurs to prosper- Mawuli Gavor

Mawuli Gavor, an actor and the CEO of Play Club Ghana, has expressed his concerns about what he perceives as an unfriendly business climate in Ghana. He believes that the country does not provide a conducive environment for businesses to flourish, particularly for young entrepreneurs.

During an upcoming episode of Joy Prime’s Celeb Biz, hosted by Amelley Djosu, the actor discusses his perspective on the challenges faced by businesses in Ghana. He highlights that this unfavorable business climate is discouraging young individuals from taking the initiative to establish their own start-ups. Gavor’s remarks shed light on the obstacles young entrepreneurs encounter when trying to launch and grow their businesses in the country.

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“Ghana doesn’t provide the kind of fertile ground that you’ll need to come in and flourish as a business owner. I won’t lie. Ghana is not hospitable in that way. However, if you can find a way to persevere through those obstacles, then the business opportunities are immense, and they’re great,” he said.

Mawuli Gavor emphasized that the unpredictable exchange rate is significantly affecting businesses, especially those that rely on imported raw materials. He recounted that when he started building Play Club Ghana, the exchange rate was six Ghana cedis to the dollar. However, within a few months, the rate more than doubled, causing instability and challenges for businesses.

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Gavor believes that such exchange rate fluctuations can hinder innovation and disrupt new business plans. Nonetheless, he noted that his ability to forge partnerships with dependable companies has been instrumental in keeping his business afloat.

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